Supporting the driver in conserving energy and reducing emissions


CTAG - Centro Tecnológico de Automoción de Galicia

Location: O Porriño, Spain

Main contact: David Sánchez,

Role in ecoDriver:

  • Leader of SP3: Real-World Trials
  • Leader of WP15: In-vehicle integration for final event
  • Leader of WP32: Trial preparation

Services/field of expertise:

  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and technologies
  • Alternative powertrain
  • Communication and mobility
  • Human Machine Interface and ergonomics
  • Electronic Architecture (HW and SW)
  • In-vehicle electronics testing and Validation

Other projects:



Short overview of the organisation:

CTAG is a private, non-profit R&D technological automotive centre devoted to support the automotive industry in its research, development and innovation needs. CTAG is present in the different stages of the development of the product, from initial advanced research to the product life. The fields of competence where CTAG concentrates its activities are Safety, Manufacturing process and new materials, Environment, Electronics and ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems), HMI, Ergonomy and Comfort, and Innovation management. In the field of electronics and new advanced technologies, CTAG’s Electronics Direction is formed by an interdisciplinary team of experienced engineers, technicians and specialists, focused on the following areas: Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and technologies, Alternative powertrain, Communication and mobility, Comfort, Human Machine Interface and ergonomics, Electronic Architecture and Testing and Validation.

Role in ecoDriver:

CTAG will mainly contribute in ecoDriver through the following activities:

• Development of ecoDriver strategies and feedback

• Driver simulator testing

• Preparation of demonstration prototypes

• Development of powertrain and environment models

• Management of overall real world trials, including tooling definition and implementation

• Support in the data analysis

Other projects (related to ecoDriver):

CTAG has wide experience in the above mentioned activities, as part of several European projects dealing with the related topics. CTAG’s participation in eCoMove brings the necessary experience to deal with the development of ecoDriver strategies and feedback. Projects such as euroFOT, FREILOT or FOT-NET will be the basis for the preparation of the real world trials and data analysis, being in this later case experience from interactIVe also useful. Driving simulator studies are also included in CTAG’s portfolio of activities.

Moreover, CTAG has demonstrable experience in the preparation of ITS research prototypes for development and/or demonstration purposes, through different customer-related projects.

ecoDriver Final Event 

16-17 March 2016, Stuttgart (Germany)

Presentations and photos now available


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