Supporting the driver in conserving energy and reducing emissions



Location: Brussels, Belgium

Main contact: Andrew Winder, Project Manager,

Role in ecoDriver:

  • Leader of WP2: Dissemination and exploitation

Services/field of expertise:

ERTICO’s general field of expertise centres on:

  • active safety
  • traveller information
  • cooperative mobility
  • telematics services
  • advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS)
  • navigation and road user charging

 The Deployment & Development department works with four sectors focussing on different priorities:

  • SafeMobility
  • EcoMobility
  • InfoMobility
  • CooperativeMobility

 The ecoDriver project is being managed by the team of the EcoMobility sector which aims at reducing the impacts on the environment by focussing on: 

  • Eco-smart driving: support drivers to adopt and then maintain a fuel-efficient driving behaviour.
  • Eco-freight and logistics: enable freight routing and logistic operations to optimise fuel consumption and green goods transport.
  • Eco-traffic management: implement traffic control and management systems improving global traffic network energy efficiency.
  • Eco-vehicles: integrate hybrid and electrical vehicles into the transport and energy network.


Other projects:


Short overview of the organisation:

ERTICO is a multi-sector, public-private partnership pursuing the development and deployment of ITS. It exists to promote a single successful pan-European ITS market and to ensure that European interests are fully represented throughout the world. With more than 100 partners across the five ITS sectors (public authorities, industry, infrastructure operators, users, and others), ERTICO brings all key players to one table. Through a varied and comprehensive work programme, ERTICO achieves vital synergies and builds the strategic strength required to move ITS from the development stage through implementation and into the market.

Role in ecoDriver:

ERTICO will be defining an overall planning and dissemination strategy through the creation of a Communication and Dissemination Plan. Its role will also includes creating an image for the project, ensuring its visibility and promoting the project, namely by producing communication tools such as a website, brochures, a video, etc. Furthermore, ERTICO will be ensuring liaison and international cooperation with related initiatives, demonstrating ecoDriver’s potential by organising a public showcase event and engaging stakeholders in an open dialogue (the Forum).

ERTICO will also be involved in planning and coordinating technical activities. It will manage the operations and execution of the trials at all Vehicle Management Centres (VMC) of the project by providing operational support.

At last, ERTICO will also participate in collecting data for the development of future scenarios for green driving support systems.

Other projects (related to ecoDriver):

eCoMove is an Integrated Project coordinated by ERTICO which started in April 2010 and will last for three years. eCoMove aims at integrating driver support, fleet management and traffic management based on vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication (or so called “cooperative systems”) in order to improve energy efficiency and cut down CO2 emissions by 20%. Three of eCoMove sub-projects are looking more specifically into eco-driving support strategies and motivation studies for both private car and truck drivers.

ERTICO also acts as a partner responsible for the dissemination in numerous R&D projects funded by the European Commission, including CVIS, FOT-NET, EUROFOT, FREILOT, COSMO, ECOSTAND, IN-TIME, etc.

ecoDriver Final Event 

16-17 March 2016, Stuttgart (Germany)

Presentations and photos now available


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