Supporting the driver in conserving energy and reducing emissions


IFSTTAR - French Institute of Science and Technology for Transport, Development and Networks

Location: Versailles, France

Main contact: Orfila,

Role in ecoDriver:

  • Leader of WP21: Development of powertrain models
  • Leader of WP44: Energy use and emissions
  • Responsible for the French Vehicle Management Centre

Services/field of expertise:

  • Ecodriving
  • Low energy consumption optimisation
  • Vehicle modelling
  • Vehicle control
  • ADAS
  • ITS
  • FOT
  • Traffic modelling

Other projects:


Short overview of the organisation:

IFSTTAR is a public scientific and technical research establishment jointly supervised by The Ministry of Research and the Ministry of Transport. Its missions are to bring together and increase scientific knowledge, to perform expert appraisal and consultancy work, to have a broad involvement in further education, to exploit research results in the framework of economic partnerships and to disseminate its findings among a wide public.

Role in ecoDriver:

IFSTTAR is in charge of the implementation of an embedded ecoDriver system to minimise energy consumption while taking into account traffic conditions and road safety. Besides, as a French Vehicle Management Centre (VMC), it has the main task to develop an ecoDriver system using a nomadic device, connected either to the CAN Bus or by an OBD2 scanner in order to help the driver to better manage its actions in terms of consumption and pollution.

Other projects (related to ecoDriver):

Previous involvements of LIVIC-IFSTTAR cover a large range of French and European projects in the field of ADAS. LIVIC leaded the national French project LAVIA-ISA Systems (2001-2008). LIVIC is and was also deeply involved in various European project such EuroFOT, CVIS, PReVENT SAFESPOT, TRACKSS, SPEED ALERT, CARSENSE, ISI-PADAS, HAVE-it. Moreover, LIVIC was involved in many French or international research projects such as the SARI/IRCAD project, PREVENSOR or SAFEMAP (DEUFRAKO program), ABV, ANGO.

ecoDriver Final Event 

16-17 March 2016, Stuttgart (Germany)

Presentations and photos now available


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