Supporting the driver in conserving energy and reducing emissions


VTI - Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute

Location: Linköping, Sweden

Main contact: Dr. Katja Kircher, Researcher,

Role in ecoDriver:

  • Leader of SP5: Scaling Up and Future-Casting
  • Leader of WP31: Specification of trial protocols
  • Leader of WP41: Development of Assessment Protocol
  • Responsible for the Swedish Vehicle Management Centre

Services/field of expertise:

  • Traffic engineering
  • Transport economics
  • Transport supply and demand
  • Road safety
  • Environmental issues
  • Road user behaviour
  • Collision safety
  • Human factors
  • Vehicle engineering
  • Railway engineering
  • Planning, design, construction, maintenance and operation of roads and railways

Other projects:


Short overview of the organisation:

The Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute, VTI, is a national research institute under the Ministry of Industry, Employment and Communications. VTI conducts applied research, commissioned by the transport sector, in the fields of infrastructure, traffic and transport. VTI’s resources include well-equipped laboratories, e.g. two driving simulators - one passenger car simulator and one truck simulator. The activities also include development of various analytical and simulation models for estimating effects of changes of the transport system. VTI´s library and information centre is established as the national information supply centre in the transport and communication sector. VTI holds the Quality System Certificate ISO 9001.

Role in ecoDriver:

The major contributions of VTI can be separated into three different aspects of the project:

* During the feedback concept development phase (SP1), VTI will run a simulator study in a truck simulator and pay special attention to evaluate whether the suggested solutions have potential to distract the driver or not.

* During the field trial and evaluation phase (SP3 & SP4) VTI is particularly active in developing a sound experimental protocol, and in running a field study with a highly instrumented passenger car. The focus of this study will be on driver distraction and, if feasible, cold versus warm climate conditions.

* Finally, VTI has a strong part in SP5 (Scaling Up and Future-Casting), with special focus on traffic microsimulations, which will deliver input to the final scaling up and cost benefit analysis.

VTI also has a role in the management of the project on a high level, especially with respect to the management and monitoring of the progress in SP5 (Scaling Up and Future-Casting). VTI will also take part in the dissemination activities.

Other projects (related to ecoDriver):

VTI is leader of and participates in many national and EU projects in all research fields named above: euroFOT; 2TB; DEPEND.

ecoDriver Final Event 

16-17 March 2016, Stuttgart (Germany)

Presentations and photos now available


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