Supporting the driver in conserving energy and reducing emissions

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This section contains presentations, conference papers and articles in journals. These focus both on ecoDriver (from project partners) and on related eco-driving and in-vehicle HMI issues in general (by authors external to the ecoDriver project). Please note that in some cases only an abstract is included because certain scientific publications are not free of charge and need to be purchased from the publishers.

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Interface design considerations for an in-vehicle eco-driving assistance system
Drivers' ability to learn eco-driving skills; effects on fuel efficient and safe driving behaviour
Interface design of eco-driving support systems – truck drivers’ preferences and behavioural compliance
An android based ecodriving assistance system to improve safety and efficiency of internal combustion engine passenger cars
The design of an in-vehicle assistance system to support eco-driving


Daryl L. Hibberd, , Hamish Jamson , Samantha L. Jamson

Daryl L. Hibberd, , Hamish Jamson , Samantha L. Jamson

Microscopic traffic simulation of eco-driving systems using real-world vehicle models
Challenges in measuring CO2 reduction benefits from ITS

Presentation at SIS “Challenges in measuring CO2 reduction benefits from ITS” during the ITS European Congress 2016.

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Evaluation of eco-driving systems: A European analysis with scenarios and micro simulation
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21 - 28  of  28   results

ecoDriver Final Event 

16-17 March 2016, Stuttgart (Germany)

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