Supporting the driver in conserving energy and reducing emissions

D23.2: Simulation and analysis document for on-line vehicle algorithms


SP2: Real time calculation of energy use and emissions / WP23: Simulation analysis of in-line vehicle algorithms

Filename: D23_2 Simulation and analysis document for on-line vehicle algorithms_final.pdf

Final version: Approved by EC, March 2014

This deliverable reports on the simulations and analysis of the on-line vehicle algorithms as well as the ecoDriver Android application. The simulation and field test results give an impression of how the algorithms will perform in the real world trials in SP3. Thus, it is possible to apply improvements, if needed, before the full ecoDriver system (consisting of algorithms from SP2 and HMI solutions from SP1) is implemented in the test vehicles.

ecoDriver Final Event 

16-17 March 2016, Stuttgart (Germany)

Presentations and photos now available


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