Supporting the driver in conserving energy and reducing emissions

ecoDriver in your TomTom device



The role of TomTom Telematics within ecoDriver is to provide and enhance the Active Driver Feedback module on the TomTom PRO navigation devices as a means to empower the driver to adopt a greener, safer and more efficient driving style.

Active Driver Feedback provides drivers immediate feedback on their driving performance, delivering prompts to the device screen when the driver is speeding, harshly steering or braking, and idling.

As a part of the tour across seven test sites in Europe to prepare a video for the project, we visited TomTom premises in Amsterdam and seen how is it to have the ecoDriver system 'in your TomTom'.

TomTom provides an aftermarket solution, which concerns the installation of equipment after the sale of the vehicle to the customer. The interface is very user-friendly and simple to use, but the experts recommend professional assistance to correctly install the system in the vehicle. The system consists of:

  • a black box that can measure, for instance, speeding or driving behaviour in the form of driving events;
  • an Onboard Diagnostic Port (OBD) dongle that can measure, for example, the Revolutions per Minute or which gear vehicles are in;
  • a navigation device which acts as a screen that interfaces with the driver, from which it is possible to get advice about coasting.

This is not the first time TomTom Telematics develops an ecoDriving solution. Back in 2011, the company brought Active Driver Feedback and Optidrive to the market. The system developed within the framework of the ecoDriver project is the second iteration of an ecodriving solution that helps drivers to reduce both their carbon footprint and their fuel consumption.

SAMUEL: “I find it helpful that the system warns me when a vehicle or a curve is close. This helps me drive safely”- “I am really glad to have the opportunity of testing the ecoDriving system. I think it is performing really well, and it helps me become a better driver day by day.”

Selection of pictures and quotes

Paul Verheijen, Director Product Management at TomTomTelematics

"With the information that we have in our online platform Webfleet we help customers to make smarter decisions with regards to their fleet by providing vehicle insight. With regard to ecoDriver, we have a product called Active Drivers Feedback where we use the navigation device in the vehicle to provide feedback about green and safe driving. We would like to make it even greener, safer and to help customers to become more efficient"

Jasper Pauwelussen, Product Manager at TomTom Telematics

"The system is being tested here in Amsterdam, in 10 vehicles of a post delivery company. It is also being tested in Germany, in 10 vehicles from a transport company; and in Leeds, where the system will be tested in the buses of a public transport company. When you talk to the drivers, they like it very much. Some of my colleagues and I are even testing the system in our own cars!"

ecoDriver Final Event 

16-17 March 2016, Stuttgart (Germany)

Presentations and photos now available


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